There are many ways to save money from your service needs with Monster Cleaning Croydon. We are committed to providing genuine value for money no matter how basic or elaborate our customers’ requirements. We have devised and implemented a number of methods to ensure our clientele is provided with the necessary cost efficiency in all instances.

  • Special Deals – we run many special deals on a regular basis, this gives customers flexibility and good value for money on a range of services. Our specials are subject to change and availability so keep an eye out for a sweet deal on the type of cleaning you are after. Some of our special offers are available on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Others are permanent fixtures available all year round.
  • Cleaning Packages – a combination of two or more cleaning solutions is a great way to get a lot done and pay very reasonable amount of money. Cleaning packages or bundles deliver comprehensive coverage and value for money. Combining services which are on special into a bundle will bring you even more savings. Speak to our consultants today and book yourself a great deal which wraps around your budget and requirements.
  • Preferential Pricing – these special price discounts are open to all private and business customers whose service requirements fall within certain scale or criteria. Usually the discount percentage depends on the scale of the job or in the case of regular customers the frequency and duration of their cleaning appointments. Contact our customer care department for details on what’s available to you right now.

Please be advised that our special deals are not uniformly applied to all services in store, so unless otherwise stated a given special applies only to its respective service/option. Our customer assistants will be happy to explain in detail.