Like any other established and reputable business out there, Monster Cleaning Croydon conducts our day to day dealings in strict accordance to a set of terms and conditions. We don’t like the term disclaimer as it implies conflict and dispute, instead we view our terms and conditions as the set of rules which regulate the contractual relationship we have with our clients. Our terms provide clear cut framework which binds the two parties (customers and company) in a legally valid agreement, the terms also explain the rules and responsibilities of each party in this contract.

We strongly urge customers to read carefully through these terms and conditions before committing to do business with us. Yes, going through the fine print is annoying but we have kept the fancy words and legal jargon to a minimum. The terms and conditions listed here are unbiased and do not aim to benefit one party over the other, but keep things between the two sides fair and square – just the way we like it. Understanding our service terms and conditions will save a ton of potential headaches down the track so take the time to read through.

If unclear about any of the terms, by all means let us know and we will do our best to explain and clarify.